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Valerio Ridda

Valerio Ridda

"Draw a dream ...." This is what drives Valerio Ridda to move forward .... Dreaming.

Valerio Ridda has always singing, he sang everything from great Italian artists to foreign ones, from songs that have marked the recent history of music; he has always performed songs of others. All the stories told in music, even if they get closer to him, they didn’t not belong to himself; so he has began to write lyrics that they were produced in all respects of his experience.

The first text was written one morning around 5; Valerio did not think it became a song, he did not think that it would be of interest to anyone, but since then has begun to take their first steps into the music world.

"... You cannot write a text on demand ... it comes out alone, perhaps on a piece of paper when you're with a friend at the bar .... Or maybe an idea comes to you when you're driving in traffic ... "

Valerio Ridda realizes that it is not simple as it looks like, but you can continue until there is passion in what you are doing. He doesn’t know how his future will be;  it doen’t know if he will be either a singer  become or something else, He only knows is that he believes in what he is doing.

"... If either a singer, a guitarist or a musician really believes in what he is playing, writing or expressing this artist is already with one foot on the stage ...."