Our Talent



Active since 2003, they have registered three demo-cd,  now they are established in the underground scene with several live performances in different  local of Rome.

At the end of 2004 the voice of the original group was changed anche in April 2005 the band resumed the route with a new voice, finding new life and producing new material.

Their style summarizes various aspects of alternative rock, the powerful and raw  sound of Seattle in the early nineties, it has been filtered through a sound  more Stoner, everything has been redesigned and constructed in Italian without losing the key sounds that make up their style.

During live concerts they express a strong energy from the scenic impact and from large and sharp volumes. Alessandro Giovannini vocals, Stefano Tarsitani and Gianluca Giordano guitars, Giulio Chidini on bass and Gianluca Giannasso on drums are the ingredients needed to make this mixture an explosive triggers. One sentence of all when you have asked why the name Starla? " 'it is an essence, a will which exists when we either are on stage or during the tests, and between us at all times.

Their passion for rock music from 60s’ to now leads them to mix different ingredients to create music. In the album ready in early 2008 you can hear songs like either Anima00 decidedly easy to listen, with a guitar riff or E-motivo gloomy, or Dandy vitriolic pure irony, alongside pieces by reading easier Fiume as radiant and explosive that express the universe Starla quickly along the tracks of alternative rock made in Italy, with some psychedelic grain here and there.

The Starla focused directly on the capital's public embracing a broad consensus on the premises directly in contact with the people rock. In May 2007 signed the contract under the independent label Orange Park Records, and come in the studio for the realization of their first album titled the same name which will be on sale early the following year, in this way they will extend listening to a large scale and particularly betting everything on themselves.

Their goal is to play as much as possible throughout Italy to send directly to each listener Starla, their true essence.