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The singer Alondra, who earned millions in online sales with her virtual album "Alondra 2004", the first album to be released virtually by a Latinamerican singer, conquered the unseen barriers never crossed by a Latino performer thanks to the genre of "Trance" music. With her song "No se Porque" and the collaboration of the world famous German producer "DJ Sash", the song was placed on to international Trance music lists worldwide.

Worldwide Trance Top 40 in:

  • Germany # 28
  • Poland # 17
  • Romania # 19
  • Norway # 12
  • Sweden # 27
  • Russia # 18
  • Turkey # 36
  • Denmark # 8
  • Austria # 39
  • Bulgaria # 6
  • Thailand # 24
  • Taiwan # 15
  • Vietnam # 9
  • Indonesia # 34
  • New Zealand # 12

"Never in my artistic life I imagined that so many countries would be calling in many languages ​​to request interviews with me, its amazing, all this is due to the use of internet technology which has made me reach many places and also to Sash DJ talent and my PR company who engaged in promoting my album worldwide for via internet. I am proud to carry our language, Spanish, as far and proud to be Mexican, " stated Alondra.

Alondra, who later recorded her album "Alondra 2005", continued with this format and gained greater acceptance in Latin American countries as her music is being played in many clubs around the world. Alondra presented her new album "Alondra 2005" to the international press at the Gibson Showroom in Beverly Hills, CA. This highly anticipated album marked the return of the renowned Pop singer after 15 years of absence.

After an excellent performance in band music in 2003, Alondra received the Latin Grammy nomination for Best Album Grupero of the year. As a great pop music interpreter during the 80's in Mexico and Latin America, Alondra returns to the genre form where it all originated.

She has also achieved a multi-platinum album thanks to high sales of her album "Alondra Dance Hits" released in 2008. Ironically, the album distributed by the now defunct Virgin Music in Europe, is not distributed in America and Spain, which makes the success of the album in other than Spanish speaking countries, unlikely. The album has nine songs in Spanish, one in English, and was the first time a Latin artist ventured in the "Electro Pop" or "Dance" market. The album received a couple of nominations for international electronic music, competing with Madonna, Rihanna and Paul Van Dyk in 2008.

"Alondra 2010" has flooded the European markets through the use of Digi-crads; the newest music system for media sales. Alondra was one of the original artists to use this system and one of the first to bring it to Europe. Now hundreds of artists around the world have used Digi-cards - digital music cards - as a replacement for physical sales because of its anti-piracy system. Alondra released her second single from her album "Exorbitant" this month from where she now resides, Principat d'Andorra.

In 2011, the Mexican singer Alondra will be among the artists who will complement songs with the use of the integrated download card, Digi-Cards in support of UNICEF. The exorbitant interpreter, currently residing in Europe, has been one of the best selling artists through Digi-Cards, including one of her songs which is available as a multimedia download card raising money for UNICEF during 2012 . Among the artists who are rumored to also take part in Digi-cards are U2, Madonna, Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Black Eyed Peas. Over 10 million of these cards will be distributed worldwide raising up to 100 million Euros for UNICEF.

Alondra is currently in Europe promoting her new album "Exorbitant" and preparing for her European tour. For more information visit