Our Talent

Alessandro Sereni


He grew up with different musical in fact he has learned to art of listening by his family: his grandparents are opera singers and uncles and cousins are professionals pianist and mandolin player. Impressed by the music he used to listen at home his soul and his earth have been marked by feeling he had listening artists such as Mina, Morandi, Venditti, Paul, Zero, Pravo, Caselli. Growing he started to develop personal interests and he has started to listen different artists discovering another world and he was so fascinated and impressed by groups like the Beatles and Queen and by voices such as Houston, Dion, Michael.

After a break due to a bad accident, the desire to express what he was feeling made him to embrace the art and music; at the beginning he has started to write poems, then he has transferred them into lyrics for his songs. Author of words, music and melodies; his inspiration arrive directly from his own life.

Improving his interest in music he has decided to study music theory, singing in order to improve his knowledge and to start to work on his own personal songs. His study was extensive with courses in piano (basics), guitar (basics), voice and music editing.

In 2005, he has contacted the Music Institute Ritmix where he records his first demo.

In 2006, he had his first approach of the stage playing at Stazione Birra during the show organized by the school he was studying.

In 2007 he performed at the opening night for the fashion show of the Istituto Professione Armando Diaz; in the same year he has performed at the Stazione Birra both as soloist and voice for different bands during the show organized by his school. During the same evening he had his debut singing a song written by himself.

In 2008 he has worked as sound engineer for "Jazz Channel". During the show organized by his school, Istituto Remix, at Stazione Birra as a member of a choir a cappella.

In 2009 he has participated at the "Premio Mia Martini". This experience has enriched him not only as artist but also with lots of advices from profgessionalists such as Mario Rosini, Lignea, Andrea di Rienzo and others.

In 2010 he has signed a co-production contract with Orange Park Records and after few months he has recorded ih fisrt album at PolistudioRecording in Rome.

The disc, entitled "Dedications", tells about personal experiences, feelings and emotions, ability to dream, seen by him as by everyone.

The CD tells about part of his life through dedications written by the artist over the years.

This work comes from the desire to create "something personal," to convey the emotions and his experienced by adding even a graphic belonging to him.

In June 2011, for the first time, brings three of his new songs, including two from his album, on the stage Jail Break.